PT. Marleny Handcrafted Furniture & General Trading, is a furniture company set in Central Java Indonesia.Established in 1995, with average 8 x 40ft containers per month.Our exsisting customers are from Australia, UK, Spain, Kuwait, France, USA and Thailand.

For more than 12 years of experience in the furniture production, we learn how to produce good quality of furniture, as well as developing beautiful designs.

We have produced some of the finest classic and contemporary furniture working in mindi, mahogany and teak or other woods, for both indoor and outdoor or garden furniture we also offer an exceptional range of reproduction furniture, bespoke furniture and antique copies, which each pieces is high quality handmade in our traditional level of craftmanship.

Our collection range are basically on room setting, and they are :
- Bed Room Furniture
- Dining Room Furniture
- Living Room Furniture
- Office Furniture
- Others

Please enjoy our catalogue